Ours is an unlikely story . . . two colleagues, from a local community college (one a former Marine Geologist and the other a long-time Theatre Director/Professor), had an impromptu conversation following an afternoon class.  During that conversation, we both discovered an unexpected, shared passion for fragranced candles.  After weeks of casual discussion, we decided it might be interesting to learn how to make candles, mostly out of curiosity but also with the notion (in the back of our minds) that if we educated ourselves thoroughly, we might eventually be able to create candles we ourselves would like to burn but also provide something new and unusual for others to enjoy.

So for two years we researched the market extensively, trying and evaluating every candle we encountered.  We attended craft shows, artisan markets, and immersed ourselves in the basic tenets of starting and building a business.  We learned the craft of blending oils, forming fragrances and making well-burning candles (a bit more complicated than either of us guessed).  We produced and sent candles to nearly 50 testers, over several months.  They provided us with detailed feedback regarding the quality of our work.  We used that feedback to refine each candle/fragrance, eventually rendering our experiments down to eight initial candles.

And that brings us to where we are now and what you’re finding here, on the website.  We’re still learning and transitioning . . . more fragrances are coming and we’re working with a branding agency and web developer to create a striking visual identity, which truly reflects the botanic integrity and passion we have for our products.

We love what we’re doing, and it thrills and excites us every time we watch a client open a jar, eyes widening, and an indescribable expression of joy or peaceful bliss takes over their body and face.  We go “far and wild” to locate botanic essences which challenge our own olfactory aesthetics, in an effort to bring you an utterly original and delightful burning experience.

We welcome feedback so don’t hesitate to offer your opinions by emailing us at sales@farwildecandles.com.

Farwilde Candles
Taking a slight break in the Farwilde Candles lab, The Woodlands, Texas.