• Farwilde No. 11

    Freshly ground coffee, funneled directly into our signature wax, balanced with the slight bitterness of Italian oranges and ancient essence of frankincense, create a dark and alluring candle unlike any other.
  • Farwilde No. 25

    Botanic oils of fresh mistletoe and pine needle mingle with a hint of nutmeg and lavender to create a remarkable plant-based, soothing Christmas fragrance evocative of winter woods, draped in glimmering snow.
  • Farwilde No. 18


    White Birch - Sandalwood - White Grapefruit

    A broad range of wood oils balanced with grapefruit and orange render a clean, inviting, year-round fragrance.
  • Farwilde No. 28


    Tomato Flower - Fig - Cedarwood

    Freshly picked tomato leaves, straight from the vine, mingled with ripe fig and hints of Texas cedarwood.
  • Farwilde No. 33

    We stepped "outside the box" when creating our floral fragrance.  The sweetness of calla lily and the exotic complexity of fresh-picked jasmine combine with the intensely citrus aroma of ground bergamot leaves.
  • Sheer Freesia - Violet - Rosewood

    Sweet florals of freesia, lily, and violet enhanced with mildly bitter touches of rosewood and exotic frankincense.
  • Farwilde No. 55


    Vanilla - Petitgrain - Amyris

    An utterly unique, dark vanilla anchored in earthy minerals of amyris and complex petigrain root.
  • Farwilde No. 70


    Nag Champa - Vetiver - Teakwood

    The markets of the Middle East and India converge with grassy vetiver and Asian teakwood to create a rich, deeply exotic, sensual fragrance.
  • Farwilde No. 83


    Lavender - Alpine Grass - Amber

    Clean, herbaceous lavender mingled with freshly cut mountain grass balanced with a touch of warm, rich amber.
  • Farwilde No. 87


    The Vert - Yuzu - Ginger-Ambre

    Japanese citrus combined with the grassiness of green tea, gently kissed by ginger and ambre.
  • Farwilde No. 12


    Ginger - Pear - Frankincense

    Fallen leaves, blended with oak, pear, and exotic spices evokes the warmth of a dying fire on a crisp autumn evening.


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