Farwilde No. 11 (10 oz.)


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Freshly ground coffee, funneled directly into our signature wax, balanced with the slight bitterness of Italian oranges and ancient essence of frankincense, create a dark and alluring candle unlike any other.

22 in stock

4 reviews for Farwilde No. 11 (10 oz.)

  1. James

    My household loves this candle. It is a favorite, makes the house smell wonderful, like freshly made coffee with an extra surprise.

  2. Dana Mills

    I absolutely love the delicious aroma of coffee(which is my favorite) blended with that touch of orange to make it perfect?

    5 stars…

  3. Lori

    This candle is masterfully crafted, in that it fills the room with fragrance, but does not overpower. I love, love, love this fragrance!!!!!

  4. Brooke

    I bought this candle during a visit home to bring back to China where I’m working currently. There is nothing that reminds me of home in Texas quite like a Sunday morning pancake breakfast and this delicious candle. I use it when I’m having a bad day, good day, and all the times in between. It’s the perfect compliment to a warm home. Highly recommended!

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