Farwilde No. 28 (10 oz.)


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Tomato Flower – Fig – Cedarwood

Freshly picked tomato leaves, straight from the vine, mingled with ripe fig and hints of Texas cedarwood.

17 in stock

4 reviews for Farwilde No. 28 (10 oz.)

  1. Mary Benning

    This is my favorite of the ones that I have tried. It lasts forever and the scent stays true even near the bottom. When I smell it i have to smile. Scents provoke such good thoughts. I like to put it on when I am reading. Great candle.

  2. Bernadette Field-Dodgson

    To me, this candle smells like Texas! Tomato leaf warmed by the sun. The fig note is sweet but not too sweet. A delight to smell!!

  3. Harley Mangum

    I have been selling these candles in my salon (Roots Hair Studio) for years and you really won’t find a better quality candle line.
    They’re created with passion and love and you can really feel that warmth in all their scent blends they create.
    My favorites are #28 #11 #70 and the Essence de Noel for the holidays. 🙂
    All of my clients love them too and can’t ever keep them on the shelf!

  4. H.R.

    #28 is an absolutely unique and amazing fragrance that is loved by my entire family. I have tried several Farwilde candles over time and can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them. They are of an unbelievable quality and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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