Farwilde No. 33 (10 oz.)


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We stepped “outside the box” when creating our floral fragrance.  The sweetness of calla lily and the exotic complexity of fresh-picked jasmine combine with the intensely citrus aroma of ground bergamot leaves.

15 in stock

2 reviews for Farwilde No. 33 (10 oz.)

  1. Mary Benning

    Not usually into floral candles but this is subtle and very pleasant. I like woody, musky candles usually but this one does not overwhelm you and is a nice change to my usual

  2. Tanonina Xinapiu

    For those that gravitate towards jasmine, gardenia and florals, this scent gives you hints of such without overwhelming the senses. The house smells like a lovely and elegant perfume:) I will splurge on candles and these are of an amazing quality for the price. I also love the fact that this business was formed by two baby boomers who have an amazing story:)

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