Farwilde No. 83 (10 oz.)


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Lavender – Alpine Grass – Amber

Clean, herbaceous lavender mingled with freshly cut mountain grass balanced with a touch of warm, rich amber.

18 in stock

3 reviews for Farwilde No. 83 (10 oz.)

  1. Carolyn

    What an amazing lavender candle, so much nicer and less overpowering than others I have tried. Highly recommended.

  2. Lisa Johnson

    You’ll love this candle! Besides being beautifully packaged, you’ll love this scent. Just the right amount of Lavender, for a wonderful scent, for your home. I 100% recommend #83!

  3. Lori

    There is nothing so delightful than the smell of lavender, and this particular candle is crafted exceptionally well! Farwilde did not add all the ‘sweet’ smell that a lot of lavender scented candles have. I actually feel like I’m out in a lavender field! It’s refreshing and relaxing, all at the same time! I really can’t decide which candle I like (love) the most! I’m definitely going to try them all! Please guys, keep doing it the way you have started out and you will ALWAYS have a customer with me!!!!

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