Farwilde No. 87 (10 oz.)


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The Vert – Yuzu – Ginger-Ambre

Japanese citrus combined with the grassiness of green tea, gently kissed by ginger and ambre.

18 in stock

2 reviews for Farwilde No. 87 (10 oz.)

  1. Andi Billeck

    Initially, this was my favorite. As I continue to purchase more Farwilde candles, it seems the most recent always becomes my new favorite. With respect to this candle, it nicely fills the space without becoming overbearing.

  2. Janice Wilson

    I agree that this candle makes its presence known without being overpowering, a real consideration for me because I am sensitive to too-strong fragrances. This was just right for me. I have used it up completely!

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